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User experience is something all designers take into account — something that can be done by describing the five core components of UX:


Information Architecture (IA)

Information Architecture connects people to content in a way that is most understandable to them. It creates a hierarchy of content on a page and uses different elements to add structure. This is organised and makes it easy to find content.


Interaction Design

Interaction Design deals with the specific interactions between users and a screen. Visual Design responds to the user goals supported in Interaction Design to communicate the brand using graphics, images, fonts, color, icons, and so on.



Usability deals with leveraging data to determine the validity of design decisions. It is the role of the UX designer to communicate any points felt during the use of a product.



A prototype can be defined as a preliminary version from which other forms are developed. As a designer, prototyping offers a cheap and flexible way to test what looks great and is fit for purpose, whether it’s for a mobile app, physical product or a website. It also offers a way to iterate based on feedback from stakeholders and users in the context of usability studies.


Visual Design

Visual design is about using the visual aspect of a product to improve the user’s experience. While visual design is not all there is to design, it is a crucial part of a well-thought-out product. It communicates a lot about a company’s brand and can be influential in how desirable and engaging a product is.