LFI Website Updates

How to update your website

Update your website constantly: 

Review your current content and designed pages.

Your website health and updates give your current site the best chance possible to be found on search engines using a checklist, new images, and content, but simply investigating what works well and what doesn’t. If you make a clear list you can fix any problems that may occur.

Visual content: Check the quality and relevance of your images and videos. Identify anything that looks fuzzy, pixelated or generally outdated and plugins which are out of date. You may come across images that do not tie in with your current brand, so get rid of them and replace with better ones.

Always check Google Analytics to see how your website is performing.  It is paramount to see how you can get more enquiries, and always keeping your SEO up to date.  At LFI Creative we keep on top of this and monitor success through results. Updating your website can vary in difficulty based on several factors. For simple updates, such as changing text or images, it’s usually straightforward and can be done by individuals with basic web editing skills. However, more complex updates, such as redesigning the layout or adding advanced functionalities, might require web development expertise, always use a trusted Web Design Agency for help such as LFI Creative.

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