Our Story - LFI Creative
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Our Story

It was all about your dream…

LFI Creative is a highly skilled team of creative professionals. We aim to develop and nurture long lasting relationships with our clients and their employees.


LFI Creative all began back in an old, cold Victorian flat in Aberdeen in 2003. The main purpose was to use the many years of experience gained in this industry to look after the client and to make them feel confident that their business could prosper with the right advice with branding and marketing.


We will create the perfect digital platform that will get you connected!

Aberdeen Web Design and Branding


The importance of your brand should not be underestimated. When you think of the most successful companies in the world, you know them by their ‘brand’, their name, their logo, their personality and their vision. Coke, Nike, and British Airways don’t need to hard sell their products because they know that their brand is why you want to be involved with them and we want to bring this passion and inspiration into your brand and strategy to create a business that people notice.

More than a Logo