Learn from Children

My 11 year old daughter Sophia 👸 is growing up fast and keeps me on my toes and always thinking young, it was her idea to stand here and be creative. Believe it or not I’m not the most forthcoming at standing for photoshoots, 📸 it does my wife’s head in and she’s a professional photographer! I have realised the people who critique or criticize you doesn’t really matter as they have a problem for every solution….Stay young minded and as a good friend said to me don’t let the old man in. 👴

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Old School

45 years old and still holding on to this little beauty until the next custodian comes along. 😎 🚗

What make us happy to be successful or extremely creative in my opinion, I know deep down you must be honest with yourself not blaming other people for not being successful I have many times in the past however the past is dead and you must surround yourself with good honest people. I have many great people supporting me now and have joined good networks that are honest with you and sometimes you don’t want to hear it. I have stopped saying you will never get a break…you make your own break and luck. Don’t use people as it won’t work for you in the long run from my experience, be honest and ask for help honestly and it will come in spades.. keep pushing, we are in mad times but my wee mini is my sanctuary and makes me happy when burbling along and strangers waving as we pass by and giving me a wave.

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