People ask me why I go to Oban every year

People ask me why I go to Oban every year “the picture tells it all” 🙂 ⛰️ ??????? ?

“There’s nothing to do it’s a one horse ? town…”. I think it’s important we all understand we are all different people and like different things. Oban is a friendly little harbour town which suits us perfectly not for the ones that like hustle and noise. Similarly, when people say to me “can you just make the website the same as that one”… it doesn’t sit well with us and does not sell your services or show off your company effectively, and to be honest it’s not the sort of client that we want to work with, just looking for a “quick fix” or put a sticking plaster on! When I arrive in Oban every year driving down to the bay I’m in awe of the beauty of the place, if services or people don’t excite you, move on! My great clients that enable me to go on wee breaks is why I look after them 100%! Plan your next adventure in business or vacation it’s important.

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