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Is Printing Dead?

I don’t think so…its just evolving like all of us recently!
Printing has been around for over 500 years but far from being dead in a world of social media or artificial intelligence.  Print is not only alive but continues to connect with us in a way that can never really be replaced.

When you get something handed something such as a business card, you can tell a lot about the person who give it to you. A quality business card or something automated and printed cheaply. You don’t have that tangible experience online. Most printers that we use in business are adapting to their surrounding and evolving with demand. Nothing is better than preparing for a presentation with a pitch that you have printed for the client. This normally results in the client being impressed by your level of attention to detail. We need to look at all mediums to survive not just online. Some companies are extremely busy while others are struggling, and if your company is struggling, we need to get that message out to a bigger audience.
Printed materials can get you noticed. We can’t just support big chains all the time or silicone valley, supporting “local” keeps us all busy.

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