Talk about a “get out of jail card”

The greatest Christmas brand of all time and I had to tell her about Santa this year. It’s been building for a while now and I was thinking of ways to drop the bad news to her without crushing her Xmas ? dreams and Santa list again this year..I said to her “I have something to say to you kid about Santa”. Her reply was “Don’t worry Dad, I already know and can I have an iPhone LOL” that was a huge relief for me as I was panicking about it as I was walking away chuckling to myself, smart kid! I refuse to make up stories about things and situations, there’s no point to be honest! Thankfully I got the get out of jail card by her friends talking to one another.
Hopefully next year we will all have a better year and as a good friend said to me “smash every day like it’s your last”.

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