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Payment Gateways - Paypal

If you are planning on selling products online, the user interface and functionality is key to building your business. However, if your customers are having a bad experience with paying for products, they stop trusting your business and the sales and customer engagement will drop.


The payment gateway plays an important role in the customer buying experience and should be fast, secure and trustworthy. 


The best payment gateway ensures the security and confidentiality of the customer leaving a good impression and trustworthiness on the e-commerce website.


Paypal provides a easy solution buy or sell using your mobile phones on any merchant website or app. Paypal operates in 203 countries and it supports widely used credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Citibank, American Express, etc.


Below we will list some popular payment gateways for your ecommerce site. First up, Paypal:

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