Don’t Fall For A Fraud!

Whatever kind of holiday or short break you’re thinking about, chances are you’ll be searching for – and maybe booking it – online. But with the steep rise in the cost of living, you may be reconsidering what kind of holiday you’ll be booking, and how you can save some money
along the way.


Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive holiday in the sun, a winter break on the slopes, a cruise, flights or a staycation in an apartment, caravan or chalet, getting a great deal may be more important than usual. It also means that you could be a target for a fraudster taking advantage of the fact that you really want to get away, but you also want to watch the pennies.


Fraudsters use fake websites, listings, emails, advertisements, social media posts, texts and phone calls to trick you into buying and paying for what you think is a genuine holiday. Whereas what you might actually get is a disappointed family and no chance of getting your money back.
To help avoid this happening to you, we’ve put together some expert tips on safely searching and booking holidays and travel with confidence.

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