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Always pay for the best professional you can….

I had a chat with a client the other day, a good person who wanted to do his own logo. He showed me what he had done and to be honest it was pretty amateurish, but he knew this and asked “what do you think of it?”..I said “do you want me to sugar coat this or be honest?”. I basically told him that “you get what you pay for!”. When I’m looking for a service you can do yourself, it will usually cost you in the long run. He totally agreed with me and by the end of our conversation comparing his skill to another that will do it cheaper there is always someone will do it cheaper.

Why use an agency like LFI Creative? You get the benefit of not only a fresh, new design but the expertise that comes with having a creative team of people on hand to help you navigate digital marketing, advertising, and branding elements of your business.
The benefit of having an agency to help you with your corporate brand is significant and will show in the long run for your business and brand.

Most of us on LinkedIn are professionals and when I read posts, I know pretty quickly if they are focused individuals and are professional and that will they do a good job for my clients when I refer them, as it will come back to me if the work is done badly or not in a professional manner.
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