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The Importance of Security and Upgrades

This past weekend, LFI Creative were alerted to a potential hacking attempt on a valued client’s website. Our servers picked this up immediately and we acted quickly out of hours to change passwords and check security records.

Our technical manager noticed a server response and investigated the website, using one of our daily back ups and restore the site in record time. We constantly monitor and upgrade our websites to respond to these situations quickly and efficiently.

The consequences of this hack could have resulted in the total loss of the website. This is why we have disaster recovery protocols in place at LFI Creative.

Your website is important to display your services and skills to your customers. You deserve the knowledge knowing that it is safe in your providers hands.

Remember, to look out for look the secure padlock in your browsers URL Search Bar indicating HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). This will tell you that a security licence is in place in a website before distributing any private information.

To avoid becoming a casualty of this, we are more than happy to secure your website to keep you safe from threats, using latest security plugins, protection software and backups – Contact us to find out more!